July 9th, 2004

ObjectiFest Continued

I've barely been blogging, so all-consuming is the Objectivist Center Summer Seminar. Today I did the question and answer session for my love poetry talk. Really, it was no more q&a than the first talk. Rather, it was a one-hour version of my previous two-hour talk, so we just did a subset of the poems from the full talk.

I misjudged how long the poems would take. In retrospect, my error lay in basing it on how long my talk on freedom poetry had taken. But the freedom poetry was generally more modern, and therefore more understandable-right-away than all that Elizabethan love poetry I put in, where we had to talk about complicated metaphors and strange grammar and lost vocabulary.

Well, the rhyme of the day is a little verse that was written by a fictional character in a book I wrote.

Dear one, dearly won,
Be near me when the day is done.
Hold me tight, and we'll ignite
A piece of midnight sun.

That's from Unholy Quest, which can be previewed or ordered from:

Anyway, this little poem was the surprise hit of the love poetry talk. I didn't even include it in the handout, but when I recited it, upon request, it was some people's favorite. Life is good.