July 11th, 2004

Home again

I'm back home, returned from Objectifest, where I played emcee Friday night at the closing dinner-dance.

I think we were the last people on the plane today, so close did we cut it. The SouthWest Airlines people pulled us out of the long line at the Seattle/Tacoma airport and pushed us ahead. Otherwise we would not have made that plane.

My brain is frazzled, so in place of the normal rhyme of the day, I will post the limerick I used in my introduction of the director of The Objectivist Center, David Kelley. One of his accomplishments, a few years back, was to appear on a John Stossel special called "Greed," the thesis of which was that greed is not all that bad when properly viewed. On that show, Kelley compared Michael Milliken, the junk bond financier, and Mother Teresa, the famous nun who lived in India and did things like open an AIDS hospice in New Delhi. Kelley said on the TV show that Milliken actually did more to help mankind.

Anyway, here is the limerick of the day:

A philosopher named David Kelley,
Appeared on a show on the telly.
He said greed is good
And that we all should
Say to heck with that nun from New Delhi.