July 15th, 2004

Doors Open On The Right

Is the current Second City comedy mainstage act, which I saw tonight. The title is a kind of pun, being on the one hand a quote from Chicago mass transit's recorded announcement system, and on the other hand being an allusion to the Republican leadership of the country. The Republicans got thoroughly bashed. The Democratic candidate got bashed too, but not nearly as thoroughly. The show was fairly funny, as Second City shows go.

You can see an ad for the show here, but some of the actors seem to have been switched from when the photo was taken:


Second City shows are largely scripted, but with a couple of improv segments included in the show. If you stay after the last show, there is usually a free improv set as well. We stayed. They were skilled, and occasionally inspired, which is about the best you can ask from improvised comedy.

The name of the company refers to Chicago's status as the nation's number two city. It's a nickname some New York writer put on the city back when Chicago had the second largest population in the country. Of course, in the mean time, Chicago's population (within the city limits) has shrunk a bit, and L.A.'s has grown a LOT. So Chicago is now number 3. But old names hang on.

Rhyme of the day:

It's a pity,
But "Second City"
No longer applies
To our smaller size.