August 5th, 2004

Stephen Boydstun to lead discussion

Quoting from an email my wife sent out:

'Stephen Boydstun will lead a discussion of his essay "Universals and Measurement" which was recently published in THE JOURNAL OF AYN RAND STUDIES (Spring 2004). In this article he discovers a structure to universals implicit in Rand's theory.'

He will be talking at our house this Saturday night at a NIF meeting. If you think the topic sounds really interesting and you will be in the Chicago area and might like to come, email me at

Bomb Scare

The Feds arrested Gale Nettles, 66, in a sting operation today. Apparently, this guy was trying to arrange for a truck loaded with fertilizer to do a repeat of the Oklahoma City explosion, but this time in Chicago. The target was the Dirksen Federal building, which contains courtrooms and judges' offices.

Well, where I usually work is half a block from there. What's more, my sister's law office is directly across the street from the Dirksen building. And I do some work there too!

Motive? They say he had a grudge against the court system. He served time for counterfeiting. The irony is that the Feds delivered counterfeit ammonium nitrate to him.

Whew. Glad he's off the streets.

Rhyme of the day:

I offer thanks to every cop
Who helped to stop
This guy.
I'll die
Another day
Some other way.

You can read about it here.