August 8th, 2004

Lake Zurich Triathlon

I finished in just under three hours, which I'm happy with. Fast people probably did it in under two hours, as a point of comparison.

I swallowed a lot of water on the swim, so I was glad to read on their website that Lake Zurich is one of the cleanest lakes in Illinois.

It's funny. If you were just walking by the lake, and stepped in to scoop up some water for a drink, people would say: don't do that! But go swimming in the lake, which often involves some water-swallowing, and no one thinks twice about it. I guess it's because in swimming you don't purposely drink the water. It's an unavoidable accident.

Fortunately that was the only kind of accident I had.

Site for this triathlon.

Rhyme of the day:

Exhausted, aching, but glad.
It sounds quite mad.