August 14th, 2004

25 mile run

It was a gorgeous day for a nice long run. A bit cool for summer, with sunshine and big fluffy clouds like cotton candy. But no matter what the weather, if the run is long enough it starts being not so nice at some point.

I haven't really been running that far this year. I did a long run of unknown length in Traverse City, Michigan. But that was probably only 13 miles or so. I don't know what possessed me to run 25 miles today when I hadn't really built up for it. I guess it was the Demon of Distance that possessed me. That and the thought that marathon season is almost upon us.

I ran it VERY slow. I periodically stopped at mini-marts and bought energy bars or Mountain Dew. I also route my run to hit city parks with water fountains.

I had a fun exchange with some children who were shouting that they were selling water. But they had something better than water. The had grape Gatorade, my favorite. First they told me it was 10 dollars. But when I balked at that, they dropped the price to 2 dollars, which was reasonable. They were very happy to get the 2 dollars, too.

As you can see, it costs me money to go on a run. It was counterbalanced, slightly, by my finding a beat-up penny on the road.

Well, the good news is that I sustained no injuries. Iliotibial band syndrome did not appear. That's felt as a sharp twinging pain on the outside of the knee, and I do get it sometimes. My friend, Diana Hsieh, just got diagnosed with that, poor thing! Every time I felt anything remotely like it I relaxed my gait a bit. So my joints are doing pretty well. My leg muscles are another story. They hurt!

Rhyme of the day:

Whenever I run
I'm glad when I'm done.