August 28th, 2004

Spousal Return

My wife, having driven my daughter to school in Maryland, and then having met with some people in New York for her "new college" project, is due back any second. She called me from Indiana, reporting on signs that had her about 60 miles from Chicago. We never know whether those signs mean it's 60 miles to the city limit, or 60 miles to the downtown area, but whichever it is, she should be here pretty soon. (We're in the city limits, just barely.)

The idea for the new college, is a college informed by Objectivism and by Montessori, but not aimed only at Objectivists. She met with a very encouraging businesswoman who told her, among other things, that she needed to pick a good working name for the school. Good point. Every project needs a cool name, even if it's not the final name.

Rhyme of the day:

Pick a name
For future fame.
Who wants to be an alumnus
From a college that's anonymous?