August 31st, 2004


I watched Arnold Schwarzenegger give his big speech at the Republican convention tonight. Man, he lit up the TV screen. Compared to those boring politicians... well, he's a Hollywood star, and he knows how to give a speech.

I liked the speech too, a lot better than I usually like Bush's speeches. It praised the US for a lot of the things it deserves praising for. It didn't slip into fundamentalist religion.

It did slip into some "we give more aid than anybody" stuff, which is true enough, but it didn't seem to do so in an apologetic fashion, and the emphasis was on freedom, opportunity, and the termination of terrorists.

At least, that was my first reaction.

Rhyme of the day:

Can make you sick,
But once in a while
It makes me smile.

Not the rhyme of the day:

After Arnold, the Bush twins came on.
Then came Laura.
Then I was gone.