September 4th, 2004

Dog Troubles

One of my dogs has discovered that she can chew right through the bottom of our picket fence gate. By this means she has now escaped several times.

So today I spent quite a bit of time rigging up some metal mesh reinforcements at the bottom of the gate.

Also, I found she was chewing insulation off of our outdoor air conditioner compressor. So I put some metal mesh fence up around that, too!

You might ask what kind of dog this is. Well, I have papers, somewhere, claiming that she is a purebred Labrador. I saw her mama, and her mama was a Lab, for sure. But her daddy is clearly not the daddy listed on her papers. The real daddy dog had a much longer coat than a lab. Maybe it was an Irish Setter or a Golden.

We bought the dog from a farm family in Verona, Illinois. She is named Juliet, in honor of Romeo and Juliet, who lived in Verona, Italy.

Rhyme of the day:

With metal mesh
I'll stop you yet!

The Russian School Atrocity

The whole thing is totally horrible, of course.

You knew what the Russians would do - full messy assault. It's what they do, what they believe in. They make our assault teams look so... nuanced.

It seemed a little unreal to me. So I imagined it happening near me, at a local school. That stirred up plenty of gut reaction.

Some people think that retaliation is a base motive, that revenge is animalistic. I think it's a deeply human impulse. Look at world literature some time, and consider the volume that is devoted to revenge and retaliation. No small part, I assure you.

What's the greatest play in English? People tend to say Hamlet. What's it about? About careful revenge, among other things.

A curse upon the perpetrators of this outrage. If any are still breathing, may they stop soon.