September 8th, 2004

Broke down in Oklahoma

Just got a call from my wife. She and my son were driving in Oklahoma, on their way to LA, when the car broke down. So they are being towed to a town with a mechanic and a place to sleep. I did offer to drive out and help them, if necessary, but hopefully it will not be necessary.

Oklahoma - okay!
Broken down - oy vey!

Ok, back to reading The Secret History. You know, all along, this book has been making me think of an old book, The Greeks and the Irrational, by E.R. Dodd. Sure enough, at the start of Book II, there's a quote from the book.

It would be odd
Not to think of Dodd
Who wrote of Dionysus
The illusion-making god.
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Onward to Albuquerque

So my wife has sold the broken down Pontiac for 125 smackeroos in Oklahoma.  She and my son are once again headed for sunny California.  They are now in a rental - a nice big Ford Explorer - and are aiming to reach her friend's house in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at something like 3AM! 

She was tempted to buy a used car in Adair, but told me she was afraid of breaking down again.  I said that was understandable.  Once burned, twice shy.  Then I offered my opinion that it would make a much better story if she broke down in two different cars.  Somehow this didn't carry weight for her.

Of course, now the problem is: what does my son drive in L.A.?  He was supposed to have the Pontiac.  One of his professors suggested he buy a motorcycle, which may make economic sense, but scares us concerned parent types.

Rhyme of the day:

I do not like
A motorbike.
I do not like
One for my tyke.