September 20th, 2004

Love Actually

Love Actually is a funny ensemble movie, set in England mostly, with a whole bunch of stories threaded together, not really as one big story, but as a lot of interconnected stories that keep crossing, building to a crescendo right about Christmastime.  The stories are of uneven quality, but I found them all rather touching.  My favorite was the romance of Colin Firth, an Englishman, with Lucia Moniz, a Portuguese woman, neither of whom speaks the other's language.

Firth had a lot of competition, including the divine Emma Thompson, the amusing Hugh Grant, the gravelly Alan Rickman, and the big-hearted Liam Neeson.

Bill Nighy  hilariously plays a washed up rock musician who has done a crass Xmas-remake of an old rock ballad.  And there's a touching story about a young man and woman who meet when they are working as porn stand-ins.  (Not doing porn.  Just standing there naked so the camera crew can get the lighting and angles right before the real porn performers deign to grace the set.)

The film has a very British feel to it.  The director/writer, Richard Curtis, was born in New Zealand, but educated at Oxford, so I guess that explains that.

Here is a very negative Christian review of the movie, just to give equal time to an opponent in this contentious electoral season.

Rhyme of the Day:

This election
Is short on affection.