September 22nd, 2004

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Poll #354386 What was Rather Thinking?

What was Rather Thinking?

Documents are forged but accurate
I can get away with this
I can forestall doom a few more days
I'm doomed but I can't admit I fudged it

What was Rather thinking?

I have a characteristic obsession with scandals like the current mess Dan Rather finds himself in. My obsession is not in the scandal as a whole, but the question: what was he thinking?

At this point, it LOOKS like the CBS team knowingly broadcast documents they knew could not be verified by experts. But, when challenged, they claimed they had been verified. What were they thinking?

My father often tells me it's not a fair question. He's a lawyer, and has been involved in prosecuting various white collar crime cases. He tends to the opinion that clear thought shuts down in the midst of the panic of getting caught.

To me, it's something like a Shakespearean tragedy. There's Dan Rather, at the top of the anchor game, fudging just a bit and getting caught. That's survivable. But then the tragic flaw kicks in. Namely, a kind of intellectual or moral vanity. He refuses to admit what he did. And now the hounds of blogdom are chasing him across the moors.

Well, he may still come out okay.

Rhyme of the Day:

turned to sludge
and showed up on Drudge.