September 23rd, 2004

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I'm bad at knowing which model a car is, including cars I own. It's the kind of thing that makes people think I'm absentminded! Today I was filling out a survey, and I was supposed to tell them the make and model. Well, I knew they were both Buicks, and I knew what they LOOKED liked. But the names escaped me. It was too bad it wasn't a multiple choice quiz. You don't need recall for those, exactly, just recognition.

Here's the thing. The car model names RHYME:

Park Avenue

You can easily construct a little couplet out of them, too. You know...

We made sweet rendezvous
At 10 Park Avenue.

That would be a good mnemonic. By the way, 10 Park Avenue, in Manhattan at least, turns out to house the Metropolitan Synagogue. So if it's the wrong kind of rendezvous, you may be putting the "sin" back into "Synagogue."

Which leads me to the official Rhyme of the Day:

The congregation was agog
When we put the "sin" back in "Synagogue."

I suppose as a former Catholic I should do a Catholic version, too:

The parish was vexed
And wondered, "What next?"
When instead of God's text
They heard sounds oversexed
As we finished a session
For future Confession.