October 1st, 2004


2 one second movie reviews

The Girl Next Door. Well, this is a better role for Elisha Cuthbert than as Jack Bauer's ever-endangered daughter in the tv show, 24. She has some substance to play. The movie itself is reminiscent of Tom Cruise's Risky Business, but without Tom Cruise. I liked it, but that doesn't mean it's good in this case.

13 going on 30. Not as good as Big with Tom Hanks. Well, there's no Tom Hanks in it. But Jennifer Garner's pretty good. You know, she makes a wish, poof, from 13 to 30 instantly. But whereas in Big Hanks was grown-up in real time, in this case 17 years have actually passed. Gives it a somewhat different moral import. It's about realizing that you have betrayed your youthful ideals, and realizing you need to return to them. I am not recommending this movie, but I did like it.

These are both silly movies that touch on serious moral themes, oddly enough.

Rhyme of the Day:

Mixed with moral themes.

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The Postmodern Pooh

I finished Stephen Hicks' Explaining Postmodernism, and I feel more enlightened than ever.  The book is worth its price just for his chart of socialistic theory's successive failures.  And I love the way he  broaches the topic of deep motivation by saying that he is "flirting with ad hominem" so he is just going to quote his opponents and let them speak to their own motives.

I have now started on another, related book: The Postmodern Pooh, by Frederick Crews.  This book is an artful and very funny parody, the premise of which is that postmodern literary critics get together and argue about the true meaning of Winnie The Pooh.  If you page down on the link, you can read chapter one of the book, to see if you would like it.  Do not confuse this book with his earlier work, The Pooh Perplex.  That dealt with literary criticism in the sixties, but litcrit has moved on - and how!

Rhyme of the Day:

Deconstruction's terrible
But with Pooh it's bearable.