October 2nd, 2004

Marathon Season

I'm doing the Lake Front Marathon in Milwaukee tomorrow morning.  I usually only run one marathon a year, that being the Chicago Marathon, which I have been running most years since 1991.  For a change, I thought I would try Milwaukee, which is only a couple of hours north, and which is said to have a very well-run marathon.  Weather up there tomorrow is supposed to start cold (35 F) and end warm (66 F) so I have to make sure I have some junky old clothes to shed on my journey.  Usually it takes me somewhere around 4 and a half hours to finish.  I came in under 4, just once, with a time of 3:57. 

I've never quite hit 5 hours, unless you count the year of Y2k when I did an Ironman distance race in Montreal, which included a marathon run after swimming 2.4 miles and biking 112 miles.  Anyway, I had a really bad marathon time because I developed iliotibial band troubles by mile 13 of the run.  I went well over 5 hours, since I had to walk a lot.  At least I finished!

The course tomorrow is basically a run along the coast of Lake Michigan.  We start 26 miles or so north of downtown Milwaukee, and we run into downtown.  I love looking out at the lake, so the scenery sounds good to me.

Rhyme of the Day:

I'm hoping tomorrow's run
Is twenty-six miles of fun!

Or at least I won't get hurt
And fall face-down in dirt.





Marathon Clothing Update

I have purchased, at a local thrift shop, a truly hideous nylon jogging suit. This will be disposed of once I start warming up. It's lavendar, and the jacked has peach and chartreuse accents. For three dollars, I can't complain. I expect exasperated amusement from Marsha when I dress up in this gear.