October 3rd, 2004


That's my marathon time. I was pacing myself for 3:59 but at about mile 20 my body decided it didn't have enough fluid so it wasn't going to cooperate any more with my plans. I'm not sure how the dehydration sneaked up on me. Maybe I got overconfident because I felt cool (temperature-wise) and I chugged Gatorade at every water stop except the one that was out of Gatorade when I got there.

Milwaukee, by the way, kept seeming like a smaller Bizarro-Chicago to me. It sits on the western shore of Lake Michigan. They have a nice lakefront park with an art museum. And their downtown has so many of the same street names!

Rhyme of the Day:

Up till mile twenty
It seemed like I had plenty
Of gas.
Then everyone started to pass.