October 4th, 2004

Spaceship One, again

Spaceship One won the contest today.  Ten million dollars worth of contest.

The Chicago SunTimes puts it succinctly:

"To win the prize, a spacecraft capable of carrying three people had to make two flights to an altitude just over 62 miles within two weeks." 

Oh, and it had to be a private spacecraft.  Governments need not apply.

So today was the second flight.  And today was also... the anniversary of the first Sputnik launch.  So what I want to know is... was this a coincidence or clever timing?

Rhyme of the Day:

In the interest of rhyming,
I vote for clever timing.

By the way, I see where the US government is thinking of issuing safety regulations for the joyriders who might want to pay 200,000 US dollars for the trip of a lifetime.  Please.  Safety Bureacrats begone.  Let's see, if I put 200 dollars in my piggy bank everyday for the next thousand days...


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