October 14th, 2004

Brain Fried

After a 2 hour book club discussion about a couple of Tolstoy's faith-based later works, and then listening to Bush and Kerry compete for title of first-Christian, my poor unbelieving brain is overloaded with religion. 

The one thing I appreciated was that both candidates tonight said it was okay to be unreligious.  Whew.  When the older Bush was president, he once said that atheists weren't citizens or patriots.  So I guess this is some  improvement, at least on that one point.

Rhyme of the Day:

Lots of people think it's odd
When you don't believe in God;
But I hope my rationality
Doesn't void my nationality.



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American Wedding

American Wedding is the conclusion of the American Pie film trilogy. Unless they make a fourth movie.

You might expect that this film would be lewd, crude, and full of slapstick. Yes. Correct.  So if you are a person of consistently refined taste, steer clear. But if you like that kind of thing, it has its moments. I laughed hard many times.

As an aside, I sometimes wonder about Chaucer, the famous poet who wrote in Middle-English.  He wrote some stuff that has a lot in common with this kind of movie.  Look at the Miller's Tale sometime in a good translation.  Why is the Miller's Tale something to be studied in college, but its contemporary descendants something to be sneered at?  It's just the inconsistency that puzzles me.

Yeats raised  a like issue, about another poet with a crude streak: Catullus.

My rhyme of the Day:

Steer clear
If you sneer
At the lewd
And the crude.