October 15th, 2004

I need a topic

The clock is tick-TOCking.  TOC very soon wants proposals on "what I want to talk about this summer."  But I don't have a topic.

I feel like I've beaten poetry to death.  Consider: Enjoying Poetry, Modern Poetry, Writing Poetry, Poems about Freedom, Poems about Love.  Whew.  That's a lot about poetry for a philosophy conference.

I remember I once proposed a non-poetry topic.  It was on abstract aesthetics.  As it happens, it didn't get accepted.  So I turned it into a paper for JARS, "Art What A Concept."  And, last year, I basically gave the same material as a participant sponsored session (PaSS) that seemed to go well. 

Indeed, the great thing about PaSS's is that you don't go through an approval process.  You just do what you want and see who shows up and whether they like what you have to say.  I could probably even do something on "Mormon Polygamy" and draw a few adventurous souls.

But if anyone out there has any ideas at this point, I would be interested in hearing them!  I guess this is like madbard 's "LJ genie" requests.

I do have an idea for an essay.  It was suggested by Ayn Rand in her article, "Art and Cognition."  At one point she suggests that if you want her thoughts on architecture, you should go read The Fountainhead.  But as far as I know, no one has gone through the novel line by line looking for an aesthetics of architecture.  It's partly a documentation project, I suppose, but very often documentation projects turn up something new.  Also, really, her other works should be combed for architectural remarks.  I know there are a couple of interesting passages in Atlas on the topic.

Rhyme of the Day:

It's been year since I read
The Fountainhead,
So maybe I'll take up my pen
And read it again,
Marking each part
About building qua art.