October 20th, 2004

Don Giovanni

Just got back from seeing Don Giovanni, which is one of Mozart's operas. It was well-sung, although the set was very sparsely furnished. Still, the scene where he gets dragged down into hell looked pretty good.

Rhyme of the Day:

"Don Giovanni"
Is Italian for "Sir Johnny."

But usually it's translated as "Don Juan," which is really Spanish. And the rhyme of the day involved an exercise of poetic license, since really it would just be "Sir John."

blasphemy continued

My son the engineer writes:

"that trinity pic is nice, and most of his stuff is cool science fiction looking, but the best of all digital blasphemy creations is based on real science. it can be found here

"the best part about it is the filename he gave it."

The pic looks like a nuclear explosion to me. I would be worried that wallpaper like that might make my machine blow up. I prefer soothing pictures to keep my pc calm.

On The Way To Woodstock

I wasn't at Woodstock.  But I'm reading On The Way To Woodstock, and I'm enjoying it.  It's a bit ChickLitty, but it has a double-plot that's moving along nicely, and it's very grounded in reality.  It was written by two women, namely Elizabeth Warren and Sheri Davenport.  I've known Elizabeth for years, and though I don't see her enough, I consider her a friend.  Imagine my surprise when I found out she had published this novel 2 years ago!

The story is taking place in the sixties and the present, as a young woman tries to understand why her mother put her up for adoption way back when.  I am not quite 100 pages in, and I've got 300 plus to go, but it's holding my interest.

I was a bit too young to be at Woodstock, but I remember the period crisply, and Elizabeth and Sheri certainly do too.  They sketch it out much more realistically than it's usually portrayed.  They capture the strange mix of idealism, free-love, and delusion really well.  They also capture the disdain that today's young feel for boomer nostalgia about that era.  Anyway, I'll be interested to see how they resolve the conflicts they are setting up.

I appreciated this exchange between the younger woman and the older:

"I have the 'right to choose,' isn't that what your generation was always chanting about?"

"We did more than chant."  You little ingrate, thought Jess.

I also like this flashback to the 60's (which of course extended into the 70's):

"She remembered her false sense of independence.  She remembered sleeping on acquaintance's couches and on mattresses on floors.  She remembered sharing drugs and sleeping with men she barely knew, because it was 'the friendly thing to do.'  She regretted the waste."

Finally, this is so cute:

"Do you collect anything?"
"Bad karma."
"Don't we all?"

Rhyme of the Day:

Is it true you get bad karma
By violating dharma?

Or is it just that your life gets wrecked
When you bypass cause-and-effect?

Anyway, I don't believe in reincarnation.  But I used to believe in it, when I was a Hindu in my prior life.