November 6th, 2004


Went to a huge rowing regatta in Virginia to see my daughter compete for St. John's College in Crew.  I had never been to any regattae at all, so it was a lot of fun.  We had perfect fall weather.  The only trouble was the sun was in our eyes at the viewing station.  Next time I will know to bring sunglasses, a hat with a brim, and binoculars!  And maybe one of those nylon fabric fold-up camping chairs.

The race was held at the Occoquan Reservoir in Fairfax, Va, at a special park dedicated to rowing.  The park staff was very helpful, especially when a friend of ours felt rather faint and needed to get out of the sun and rest a bit.

Rhyme of the Day:

The Occoquan
Is an Autobahn -
But for rowing -
Not for going
In your car.