November 22nd, 2004

Making Boxes Talk.

I've been doing a major systems upgrade at my sister's law office.  It's an adventure making various boxes talk to teach other, expecially when you're a solo generalist like me.  So far the biggest adventures were getting an existing router to talk to a new firewall, and getting my sister's new PC to talk to her old Palm Pilot handheld.

In the case of the new firewall, the solution was to obtain a "crossover cable."  This despite the fact that the firewall is advertised online as eliminating the need for crossover cables!

In the case of the Palm, the solution arrived when I went into the device manager and "deleted" the Palm from the Windows hardware list, and then let the "new hardware wizard" find it again and re-add it.  That worked!

I hate computers.  Of course, I love them even more.

Rhyme of the Day:

They're full of nasty quirks
But once you get them working
Everything is easy
As can be.