November 30th, 2004

The Homeless In The Rain

When I was a kid, we never talked about the homeless. We did talk about people we knew as "bums." Now that you mention it, they looked a lot like the homeless do now.

I have found my subconscious vigilantly watches for them, probably to avoid coming into close contact with them. I will find myself looking at someone from behind, with a queasy feeling, and I realize that I think I've detected a homeless person. Usually something is off - clothes don't match, are dirty, or whatever. Sometimes the clothes look okay, but the person's gait is wrong - they are shambling along without purpose.

Today I had a revelation. It was raining, and I realized that you never see homeless people with umbrellas. Why is this? It doesn't make sense. They, of all people, could certainly use them!

Rhyme of the Day:

If I were a homeless fella,
I'd want an umbrella.