December 2nd, 2004

Light Verse

There was an interesting article in The Chicago Reader today.  It's one of those free weekly newspapers aimed at twenty-somethings.  The story, unfortunately, doesn't seem to be online.  Anyway, they had an article on John Mella, a retired local lit-maven who publishes a journal called Light: The Quarterly of Light Verse.

As some of you may have detected, I love light verse.  Mella had some thoughts in the article about the "death" of light verse.  He thought the modernist movement, with all its somber seriousness, had really killed it off.  But he thought its death began with the Romantic movement.  It's not entirely true about the Romantics - Byron was a quite the wit, for instance. Nor is it entirely true for the moderns - even T.S. Eliot wrote some rather light verse at times - see his Old Possum's Book Of Practical Cats, which was the basis of the musical "Cats."

If I'd been asked, I would have said,
That light verse isn't really dead.

It's merely bouncing around.

And that will do for a subterranean Rhyme of the Day!