December 6th, 2004

Outdone by the French

Some of you may remember my post about the luggage-screening oopsie at Chicago's Midway airport.  The TSA people thought someone got through with a grenade in a carry-on bag.  So the TSA closed down the airport and searched it.  But there was no real grenade, just a software-generated image of a grenade, used to test TSA screeners.  At first they blamed it on a software glitch.  Later they admitted it wasn't a glitch, it was operator error. 

As a programmer, I was gratified to learn it was operator error, rather than a code defect.

But the French have outdone the TSA.  The French, it turns out, were putting real plastic explosives in people's luggage, to test the bomb-sniffing pooches.  And one of these test items got by the dogs - and apparently onto a plane in some unsuspecting soul's suitcase.

Mon dieu!

I blame it on the stinky cheese that the French love.  Surely that stinky cheese was present in the airport.  I bet this proved distracting to the hardworking French poodles were were trying to concentrate on finding explosives.

Rhyme of the Day:

Ban that cheese.
Keep those poodles alert -
So nobody gets hurt!