December 7th, 2004

French Canines Exonerated!

"One dog successfully identified the bag, but police then lost track of it when they went to fetch a second dog for the exercise.

"'That's how the explosives disappeared,' said Bouquin, noting that police have not lost hope of retrieving the explosives -- someday."

Read about it here.

I have not yet found out the names of these dogs, nor even what breed of dogs was involved.  Maybe labs?  Maybe poodles as I first guessed?  We don't know.  What we know is that the dogs were innocent.

Dogs, unnamed,
Unfairly blamed!

Inappropriate Metaphor Alert

From this article on the De Gaulle Airport affair:

'an air transportation expert told AP that it was "practically impossible" to have enough dogs to ferret out explosives that might be hidden among the tens of thousands of passengers who board flights daily.'

"ferret out"?

It's just wrong to have "dogs" as the subject of your clause and "ferret" as the verb.

Dogs that ferret?
I can't bear it.