December 10th, 2004

Spaniard's Revenge

I finished reading The Spaniard's Revenge, a Harlequin Romance by Susan Stephens.  I have to admit that I have never been able to finish reading a Harlequin romance novel before, so I'm proud of my accomplishment.  But I am surely a poor judge of such books.

The author is a Brit, and though I read in an American edition, the Brit verbalisms were there - some of those spellings like honour and colour, and the use of the word "pushbike," which just means "bicycle" to us Yanks.

Romance novels are said to outsell all other genres of fiction - combined.  Bear in mind, romance novels accomplish this even though their readership is almost exclusively female.  This is possible because women read a lot more fiction than men do, and some of them are chewing through romance novels at a fast clip!

Rhyme of the Day:

It started with a sultry kiss,
And ended up in wedded bliss.


Cult Overdrawn

Thank you Free Will for this great story about a fundamentalist polygamous Mormon cult that decided the apocalypse was coming so they should drain their local bank of money.  While the apolcalypse didn't arrive, bankruptcy did, and other folks in the town who lost their savings were not amused.  It's almost like something I would write about.

Rhyme Time:

Disregard financial tips
About the apocalypse.