December 26th, 2004

Installing Tivo

My big gift for Xmas was a 70 hour Tivo, which I hooked up today to our DirecTV satellite system.  It's working but I hit a speedbump.  We want to be able to watch one show and record another at the same time.  The Tivo is set up to do that.  The DirecTV is set up to do that.  But we need to run a second cable from the "multiswitch" outside to the Tivo inside.  That took a while to figure out, since the nice folks at Circuit City had told my wife that we just needed a splitter.  Wrong. 

Anyway, after fooling around for a few hours with the splitter and the user manual, I broke out Google, and soon I found a forum with people talking about my exact problem, and several ways to solve it.  Boy, I sure feel more intelligent when I have an internet connection!

Google does its part
In making me feel smart.