January 20th, 2008

From Folly to Philosophy

David Ramsay Steele gave Marsha an early copy of his new book, Atheism Explained: From Folly To Philosophy.

I haven't really looked at it yet.  But I looked at the back cover, and there was a quote from a Catholic priest:
"Atheism Explained is a much better defense of atheism than the recent works by Dawkins and Hitchens." —James Sadowsky, S.J., Professor of Philosophy, Fordham University
It's some kind of coup
When a priest says that you
Deserve the nod
For your case against God.

Packers Smacked

I'm not much of a football fan.  But I have a brother-in-law who's a huge Green Bay fan, so I was rooting for them tonight against the Giants.  It was a good game that went into overtime.

But... it wasn't a normal game of football.  It was too cold.  It was more like Subzero-Ball.  Towards the end, players kept falling over with cramps from the cold.

It's hard to find your groove
When it's too cold to move.

Pop Goes The Weasel

So a former gang member, whose nickname is Big Weasel, started up an anti-gun group, called "No Guns" - which received 1.5 million dollars from the City of the Angels.

But now he has entered a plea of guilty for... drumroll... federal weapons violations.

It's a case of the ironic
Going supersonic.

But that nick
Is sick.