February 5th, 2008

I'd Like Some Salt With That Zell

Amusing video of Sam Zell, who recently bought Tribune Corp., F-bombing a journalist from the Orlando Sentinel.

He's trying to explain that they need to make money in order to afford journalists.

He reportedly is spreading a "question authority" motto at his new acquisitions.  But he does have a reputation for salty language.
The company's recently revised handbook instructs employee-owners to ask questions of those above them and should "push back if you do not like the answer. You will not get into trouble for asking tough questions."
You may not get in trouble at first,
But if you persist, you may get cursed.

That said, the journalist seems to have trouble with the concept that she is a provider in a market for information.  I understand Zell's frustration.

If no one will buy,
The paper will die.

Of course, if by any chance she is an environmentalist who is worried about the clear-cutting of forests, there is some consolation:

Your job will be shaved,
But trees will be saved!


Originally  Tsunami Tuesday was when everything would be settled.


Mardi Gras is just about gone
And even the Huckster is still holding on!