February 7th, 2008


Yesterday Ergo posted a moving vignette about eating at a roadside food stall in India. As Ergo stands there, the vendor has to pay out protection money 3 times - to a different "protector" each time!
After I had finished eating, I paid the money I owed the man for my sandwich, and then gave him an extra 10 Rupees. It is a very small amount of money–both to him and to me; it was not intended for him to use it to survive the night or some such thing. I gave him the extra money to convey a sense of hope –my hope that he chooses to continue his business and be productive, instead of quitting and joining the thugs, or becoming a leech, or giving up on life entirely and stagnating.

I offered my money in response to his struggle to attain values and live life. I was proud of it.
As well he should be.

He thinks, therefore he feels
And acts on his ideals.