February 12th, 2008

Gen LaGreca on Glenn Beck on CNN

My friend, Gen LaGreca, was on the air yesterday on the Glenn Beck show on CNN.  Seems he was raving about her article in the latest issue of The New Individualist.  I thought she did very well, comfortable on camera, looking great and sounding smart.  I haven't seen any videos up yet, but the transcript for this show with Gen LaGreca is here.  She's toward the end.

Here's a snippet:

LAGRECA: Well, the self-help guide talks about how the welfare state is really destroying us, not just politically, which is bad enough, it`s bringing us to Socialism, but it`s destroying us psychologically and that`s important for everyone to realize, because if we don`t control our own lives and expect the government to do everything for us, then where`s our independence, where is our self-esteem? We`re replacing the American eagle flying proud and free with a chicken penned in a coop waiting to be fed.

BECK: You ain`t kidding. Gen, I appreciate it. Thank you very much, it`s a great article. I tell you, I have had a problem with Ayn Rand for a long time because of her godlessness. But I have to tell you, lately I`ve been thinking about "Atlas Shrugged" a lot. I`d like to go find a place where I could just go live with other people who are like-minded.

Ah, to be a chicken in a coop,
Reliably fed!

But soon you lose your head
And wind up in the soup.

Naked at Duke

Not long ago, Duke University, in the wake of its big false-rape-charge case, banned strippers from school-related events.

But on Super Bowl Sunday they sponsored a "Sex Workers Art Show".

Anyway, this sounds charming:
"A transvestite, naked except for some strategically placed tape, with the words 'F___ Bush' painted on his chest, kneeled on all fours and lit a sparkler protruding out of his rectum with 'America the Beautiful' playing...
When it's artistic and leftist and hip,
Then it's permitted to strip.