February 14th, 2008

Murderous Jerk at NIU

Some jerk with a shotgun and 2 pistols shot up a lecture hall at Northern Illinois University Thursday afternoon.  The Trib says he was a former grad student. 

He ended by shooting himself.  Typical.

They want to make a name,
But they're scared to face the shame.

I'm just waiting, with a vaguely sick stomach, to find out if anyone I knew was touched by this.

Update: 6 victims dead so far.   Update again: back down to 5 victims, plus the shooter.

From the irony department, here's a profile on the murderous jerk:

In a recent posting on an Internet site, he wrote about his interest in getting elected to a national association, saying he was committed to social justice. In a scholarly paper he co-authored two years ago, the man described himself as being interested in social justice, corrections, political violence and peace.