February 15th, 2008

Off His Meds

"He was the most gentle, even guy." 

Hmm.  Or is it just possible that he was a seething cauldron of  hidden rage? 

In 20/20 hindsight:

1) He had chosen to study suicide and self-injury among prisoners.
2) He had been discharged from the armed services for psychological reasons.
3) He had flunked a couple of classes at NIU before leaving for U of I.
4) He had left an Indiana prison guard job abruptly.
5) He had gone off his meds and had been acting erratically.

He should have said yes to whatever drug
Kept him from being a murderous thug.

A Game of Philosophy

The President of the Ayn Rand Institute speaks up in favor of video games:
"I don't see a problem with the medium," he said. "I think it is potentially a very exciting medium with which to introduce people to ideas. I think video games replaces much of literature's impact. The literature today is dull and boring and video games allow kids to experience the heroism that the books don't provide them."
If William Shakespeare were alive today,
Perhaps he'd say that all the world's a game;
No wonder that the young folk wish to play
Heroically pursuing high-score fame.