February 20th, 2008

Ka Blam Oh

We just shot down one of our own spy satellites.  From a ship.  On the first try.

The missile cost 10 million dollars.  I guess I paid a few cents of it.  I feel it was money well spent.  And I'm glad to have contributed to the cause.

It can't be all that easy to erase
A satellite spinning in space.

I keep thinking about the "proud to be an American" thing.  I don't usually say it that way.  Usually I think of it as loving what this nation stands for.  But, it's true, I am proud.  I will even admit to liking that country song with that catch phrase in the chorus.

I'm not proud of every single thing we do.  No one is.  We disagree among ourselves too much to all be proud of everything all the time.

But though we loudly disagree
We're mostly fiercely proud... to be free.