February 24th, 2008

Awkward Questioning

The other night, Chris Matthews on NBC demanded to know what Obama's legislative accomplishments were.  He was specifically asking State Senator Kirk Watson, of Texas, and the poor man couldn't come up with anything.  Youtube has this awkward moment in television.

Since then, Mr. Watson has explained his failure to come up with anything:
And my mind went blank. I expected to be asked about the primary that night, or the big one coming up in Texas on March 4, or just about anything else in the news. When the subject changed so emphatically, I reached for information that millions of my fellow Obama supporters could recite by heart, and I couldn't summon it.
To be perfectly frank,
I do believe his mind went blank.

But I'm betting it's a rare supporter
Who could answer the reporter.

That's because legislative accomplishments do not matter.  He's like young Arthur, the magical boy king.  He doesn't need any stinking legislative accomplishments! 

Why bother with all this technical stuff?
He pulled the sword from out the stone,
And speaks in a soothing baritone.
Isn't that enough?