February 27th, 2008


Recovering substantially from my bout with influenza, I ventured back to my normal place of employment today.

Goodbye at last to shirking
On the Flemish Isle Of Flu,

And welcome back to working
In the Land Of Lots To Do!

Wired Kids

This teacher, in Houston, had the misfortune to be teaching stupid kids.  4 year olds.

So she told them they were stupid kids.  And she told them that they had been mean to her, so she was going to be mean to them.

So far so good.

But then it turns out, one little girl's mom had bugged the girl's backpack.

Now the teacher has been reassigned.  And she has apologized.  And her lawyer says it happened because she was on meds.

Such is the state to which we've come:
Before you dare to call kids dumb,
Beware of the meddling mother's ire!
And check if the kid is wearing a wire.