March 3rd, 2008

Polling Peers for Rezko

It's jury-selection time at the Rezko case, and reporters weren't happy to hear this:
Most prospective jurors said they read newspapers or watched TV news only sporadically.
I loved this:
Prospective juror 70, a retiree, said she did watch TV news on occasion. St. Eve asked her if there was any particular station she favored. "It depends on which one depresses you more," the woman replied.
So decades of the "Happy Talk" news format have failed to sugarcoat the daily dose of dire doings.

I suppose it's good for Rezko's case
That few will recognize his face.

That Rings A Bell

Google did a nice graphic today for Alexander Graham Bell's birthday.  He's the inventor of the telephone.

He was a long-time member of the category: "people with weirdly appropriate names."

Nowadays, with variable ringtones, he is quickly falling out of that category.

Alexander Graham Bell
Did not live to own a cell,
Never heard how new tones ring:
Pretty much anything.