March 4th, 2008

Metaphors for Freedom

As the European Enlightenment rolled in, poets struggled for ways to communicate the idea of freedom.  One very popular metaphor was the idea that "every man is a king".  In other words, you're like a king because no one is the boss of you.

In America, as the 19th century unfurled, the ruling metaphor for freedom seemed to be the frontier - the freedom of "wide open spaces" where you could do what you want without any neighbors around to bug you.

In both periods, the ancient contrast of "free man" vs. "slave" was a very live image as well.

Do we need some new metaphor today?  Or can we get by with adaptations of these?

What is a metaphor for?
How does it open a mental door?


Once again, Hillary Clinton has climbed out of the early grave to which the press had assigned her.  Texas, at the moment is tilting in her favor, and she has actually won Ohio. 

How can it be she's won?
Doesn't she know she's done?

UPDATE: Texas has been called for she who will not be denied.