March 9th, 2008

The PC Must Want To Be Fixed

I spent much of my day working on computers. 

First I got the home network set up for file sharing.  Again.  As usual, a personal firewall resisted my will but was finally whipped into shape. 

Second I installed my father's new Vista box, which replaced a 98 box.  His current internet connection is dial-up, which complicated things. At one point I took his new PC to my house for a real internet connection.  Fortunately he should get broadband shortly.

I'm thinking of an "In Treatment" type show for computer maintenance.  The big thing on In Treatment is how resistant all the patients are, but the therapist uses mental judo on them.  Normally watching psychotherapy is like watching paint dry - it's a slow process. *Yawn*  But on In Treatment everything happens so fast!  Even though the patients don't (seem to) want to change!

If I can make driver downloads seem dramatic...
When they abort it's terribly traumatic,
When they succeed... unbearably ecstatic!