March 15th, 2008

Pi in My Face

They said yesterday was Pi Day.  I don't suppose that makes sense with the European way of writing dates.  But here in the States, 3/14 almost makes sense, except that pi is NOT 3.14 at all.

You know it's something more
than just three point one four.

But just exactly how much bigger
takes an infinite time to figger.

Beware the Ides of March

Today is recalled as the Ides of March,
the day that Julius Caesar died.

His killers explained they had merely tried
to stop the march of tyranny.

But Caesar soon was deified,
and liberty continued to slide

Thanks, USATF

Have I recently sung the praises of the USATF draw-your-own-running-route site?  It looks like it's based on Google Maps, but it lets you draw your own path, including portions that are off-road or along bike trails or through cemeteries.  So if you travel a chaotic route like this, you can easily find out how far you went:

It also lets you save routes and look up other people's routes, which sounds cool.

Now I know with precision why my feet
Feel beat.

Listening to the Reverend

Some people are wondering how Obama could listen to Jeremiah Wright's hateful sermons for years.

Does Obama really buy Wright's vision?  Or does he just admire the preacher's ability to sway a packed church?  Cass Sunstein, in his defense of Obama, says that Obama is always interested in multiple points of view.  Perhaps that holds a clue as to what's going on.

Maybe Obama's a smart guy who doesn't mind listening to a lot of contrary viewpoints.  Maybe he just went to that church because his wife liked it or something.  After all, Obama wasn't raised in any particular religion at all.

Maybe he's basically a pragmatist who is playing the "project your hopes on me" game.

Project your hopes, and cast your vote,
and pray the nation stays afloat.

UPDATE: Some additional thoughts along similar lines here.