March 16th, 2008

Motivated Immigrants

Starving at home,
Hundreds of thousands already dead,
They fled across the ocean's foam,
Flooding the northern cities of this land,
Not-so-welcome, sometimes banned
From nicer neighborhoods.

But in the end, they flourished here,
And their descendants hoist green beer
To honor their perseverance.

The Power-Hungry Vibe

There are a lot of ways to judge political candidates.  One of mine is to try to get a feel for how power-hungry they seem.  It's one of those "picking up a vibe" type judgments that are hard to nail down.

So far this year, my presidential power-hungry winner is Hillary Clinton.  McCain seems to give it off sometimes, especially when he's angry.  I haven't really picked it up from Obama yet.  So on this dimension, I like him best.

Of course, it's hard to transcribe
What constitutes a vibe;
So this won't be my only basis
When choosing among the candidate's faces.

UPDATE: I'm not meaning power-hungry in the sense of intensely desiring high office.  All 3 have that, in the biggest sort of way.  I mean power-hungry in the sense of intensely wanting to control everybody's behavior.

Measles vs. Smallpox

The N.Y. Times reviewed the new John Adams mini-series on HBO under the title, "Blowhard, Patriot, President".

I would say, a pox upon them.  I'm enjoying the series very much.

The reviewer also is confused about this:
When one of the Adams children contracts measles, Abigail boldly chooses inoculation for herself and the other children.
This is doubly wrong:

1)  She inoculates them preventively.  That's how one gets pretty darned sick.

2) It's not measles at all.  It's smallpox.  That's why so many people are dropping like flies.  That's why there are large pustules all over the victims.  Did the reviewer notice that they were calling it "the pox"?  Might that have been a clue?

Adams was a man of great eloquence, when eloquence was needed.
He spoke of the rights of man, and his call was heeded.