March 19th, 2008

Even More Meaning of Life

It doesn't have a meaning in the way
that a note on the refrigerator does.

The cosmos isn't trying to say
the secret all that ever was.

But you can trace effect to cause
and chart the patterns up as laws,
and choose to pursue
whatever awakens the power of life in you.

My Big Speech On Race

Okay, I don't have one.  I do recommend reading everything Thomas Sowell has ever written on the subject. 

It's funny, David Mamet recently called Sowell our greatest living philosopher.  I wouldn't have used the word philosopher, but Sowell's books have affected my own thinking about social issues profoundly.  By the way, his columns are just columns.  The books are deeper.  I recommend Ethnic America, Knowledge and Decisions, Markets and Minorities, & Race and Culture.

Also, as I recall Pink People and Brown People was pretty good and has the funniest title.

I fell in love with Sowell when he appeared on Milton Friedman's series, Free to Choose.  There was one particular sequence, a kind of debate, where some liberal white woman started telling him what was good for black people.  Sowell kept his cool but was having none of it.

Of course, if you've been following "stuff white people like," you already know white people "know what's best for the poor".  Of course, the truth is bigger than that.  Everybody knows what's good for everybody else.

Remember that free advice
Is often worth the price.