March 20th, 2008

Stuff Pink People Like

I was talking to my dad about the stuff white people like website, and I told him that the target audience was obviously educated white people.

Which means that the final installment of the series should be about white people liking the website itself, because they like to see themselves as others see them, make fun of themselves, and place themselves in sociological perspective.  This establishes their ability to stand outside their own culture, which proves their superiority to other white people who just don't get it.

Of course, maybe white people like the site because it's so funny.

Really we're pink, not white.
But that's a story for another night.

A Block From My House

There's a building that's been a supermarket, a pharmacy, and an HMO clinic.  Now it's something called the "UCC Trinity Village Center".

Yes, that UCC Trinity.  Obama's church.  They are running some kind of college prep corporation in the building.  Which seems like a fine idea.

And... they even have a link to the Ayn Rand Institute!  Admittedly, it's just on a set of college scholarship links.  But still, what a reach those essay-writing contests have!

Everyone thinks it's exciting
to get big bucks for writing.