March 29th, 2008

Cops Who Don't Know When To Stop

Some underage kids in Wisconsin had a kegger party - with a strictly root beer keg.

The cops showed up and made 91 kids take breathalyzer tests.  All passed.  The police chief explained:
"It was a tremendous waste of time and manpower, but we still had a job to do, and our officers did it," Joling said. "If one kid had come there, even hadn't drank there, but had come there and had been drinking and had left and crashed and burned, then what would the sentiment be? Why didn't the police check everybody out?"
Was this a job that needed to be done?
Testing root beer drinkers, one by one?

Out of Treatment

The first season of the In Treatment series is finally over.  It was basically an Americanized rewriting, episode-by-episode, of an Israeli show, Be'Tipul

I found the show fascinating, and I've been trying to put my finger on why.

I kept being put in mind of Eugene Gendlin's book, Focusing.  Not so much the technique espoused.  The fictional therapist isn't using the Gendlin technique.  What kept coming to mind was Gendlin's portrayal of unpredictable movement as difficult-to-face conflicts emerge to the light of awareness.

The path to find
peace of mind,
can take the person on a winding way,
swerving through blind curves toward day.

Nuclear Power Hour

While others are celebrating "Earth Hour" tonight - an hour when the earth returns to its natural nocturnal darkness, I'm planning a little celebration of my own:

"Nuclear Power Hour"

The first controlled nuclear reaction occurred right here in Chicago.  Illinois leads the nation in nuclear power.  We get about half of our electrical power from atomic plants.

And today I heard that 3 new nuclear power plants are about to be approved in the US.

This is the place.  This is the time.  It's cleaner, and (dare I say it) greener than the alternatives.

I'll celebrate my hour of power,
I'll turn my lights up bright,
making a freakin' beacon
in the night.