April 14th, 2008

Graffiti-Induced Shutdown

Several schools shut down today because of scrawled "4/14" threats.

5 schools in my neighborhood were closed - one college, 2 high schools, and 2 elementary schools. They're all on one big grassy campus.

It's the 2 month anniversary of the killings at the Northern Illinois.  But, really, scrawled threats don't seem to fit the pattern.  When someone decides to shoot up a school they mostly seem to do it without warning.  Which, in its own twisted disgusting way, makes sense.

I have a nephew who attends one of the closed elementary schools.  He said his plan for today was to play football on the grass at the closed campus.

I suspect he was assigning the correct level of threat,
especially since the day is done and nothing's happened yet.

Cougar Killed in Chicago

In breaking news, a 150 pound cougar was shot by police tonight inside the city limits of Chicago.  It was killed in an alley at 5:30 pm.

Best line from the Tribune: "the animal was not wearing a collar or an ID tag."

Best line from the Sun-Times: "...a cougar was spotted in the 300 block of 3rd Street near the CTA’s Linden station on Sunday."

Just a reminder, our municipal motto is Urbs In Horto - City in a Garden.

The beast is in the garden
and he's getting on the El.

Perhaps it's time to harden
the walls wherein I dwell.

ADDED - advice to my dogs:

puppies, if
you happen to sniff
the trail of a cat...
just leave it at that