April 26th, 2008

Path To Progress Run

I ran a 5k today devoted to the cause of the American Brain Tumor Association.  They do good work, a mix of funding research and providing information to the afflicted.

It was a run/walk, so I went back and re-walked some of it, this time with a friend who was just doing the walk.

He's about my age.  He has a brain tumor that wasn't completely removable.  He has lived a lot longer than his doctors initially predicted, and he walked his 5k just fine.  His attitude seemed great.  But I know he's hurting, too.

Cancer's an ancient ill
that very often
stymies us still.

Trouble with Our Persian Friends?

Nuts.  We're talking about taking military action against Iran.  You could see it coming, of course.

The good news is that we have forces on 2 of Iran's borders. 

The bad news is that Iran is full of irate Iranians!

To keep Americans from getting killed,
this time please don't nation-build!

If we really must attack,
just do it quickly, and come back.

Always Up For Renewal

Sonya Ross trots out the idea that Bill Clinton was our "first black president," but then sounds a warning:
The problem is, nobody bothered to tell Clinton that honorary blackness is also temporary. No matter how much he's done on the subject of race, his brother privileges are always up for renewal.
Cute.  Except it's not just true for white dudes like Clinton.  It's true for black dudes too - they can be labeled as Oreos - white on the inside - if they dare to show up on the wrong side of the political table, or even if they just "talk white" too much.

You can be attacked as "white"
if your behavior isn't right.