April 28th, 2008

Descriptive not Divisive

Jeremiah Wright explains some more.
"I am not one of the most divisive" black spiritual leaders, he said. "I'm one of the most descriptive."
He's descriptive, all right.  "God damn" descriptive.

Maybe he could just take back the "God damn America" thing?  It doesn't really sound descriptive exactly.

I think apologizing, just for that, would go a long way,
but sorry is the hardest thing to say.

If  he can't do that, and he's really on Obama's side,
maybe for a while he could hide?

Taken Aback

They seem surprised that people care
who his friends are (how unfair!)
and hadn't bothered to prepare
coherent answers to disarm
such challenges.  Perhaps his charm,
too much relied on, led to harm.

No Cheatin' At Wheaton

If you teach at Wheaton College, and you get divorced...

An explanation is required,
or you'll be fired.

And if the explanation isn't good, you'll be fired for that, too.

All of which is bad for Prof. Kent Gramm, who for some reason wants to keep his divorce details private.

So he's quitting
instead of submitting
the story of him and the Mrs.
going from kisses to hisses.