May 5th, 2008


To focus on one purpose for the hour,
and drive toward that goal with all one's power,
kicking in some hunger as a boost,
can leave one stunned at what has been produced.

Crash and Burn and Get Rescued

This morning a guy crashed his car on the North side of Chicago.

The car caught on fire.

Fortunately, Mike Gunia, 56, lived across the street, and responded immediately, pulling the man from the burning car.

Gunia's been a firefighter for 22 years.
After pulling the man out of the car, Gunia went back home.
Figures.  If I pulled a man from a burning car, I'd be really excited.  I'd be standing around telling everyone I met... till the buzz wore off, anyway, which would probably be 48 hours later.  This guy... it's what he does for a living.  So he just goes home.

Pulling people out of harm's way
for him is just a normal day.