May 8th, 2008


If Thomas Jefferson came back to blog,
he'd stare at our technology, agog,
and post some words of happiness and praise.

Then to our politics he would turn his gaze,
That's where I'm worried he might choose to write
words that border on the impolite.

Extreme Monotreme

They've run through the DNA code for the Platypus. 

You know, that comical critter from the land down under.

It's furry and duck-billed and lays leather eggs
and keeps deadly poison in claws on its legs.

Update: it's only the male who has the poison on a spur on each of his back legs, and it's not deadly to humans, just very painful.

Of course, it's only the female who lays eggs, so I could try redoing it like this:

They're furry and duck-billed.
She lays leather eggs.
He has spurs - poison-filled
upon his hind legs.